Animal Rights Industry

Traditional Animal Welfare vs. the Animal Rights Industry

The animal rights industry would go bankrupt if the donating public was aware of the beliefs and goals of the animal rights movement:
Animal Rights or Animal Welfare: Which Is It?

Chart showing range of animal-related beliefs and practices from animal abuse to animal liberation:
Overview of Animal Related Philosophies, Organizations, and Some Guidelines for Recognizing Patterns

The values of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), an animal rights organization:
An Example of Animal Rights Values

The values of the National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA), an animal welfare organization:
An Example of the Animal Welfare Values

Read in their own words what the leaders of the animal rights movement believe and promote:
Quotes from Leaders of Animal Rights Movement

Animal liberation - that is, ending the human use of animals - is the goal of the animal rights movement:
The Animal Rights Agenda

A traditional humane society explains the difference between animal rights vs. animal welfare:
Animal Welfare vs. Animal rights in Vail Valley

Overview of the animal welfare perspective:
The Animal Welfare View

Overview of the animal rights perspective:
The Animal Rights View

The animal rights industry manufactures no product and supplies no service. They make their money by fundraising on the conflict and controversy they stir up:
Brookfield Zoo President Responds to Controversy Generated by Animal Rights Industry